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This module is a process to make plan or take decision. In majority of cases CEO / Board decides some legal action has to be taken, in the absence of proper ….

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In various corporate, large numbers of actions are taken against them or by them out of which many extinguish in a matter of while at the stage of Notice….

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It is noticed in many organizations that matters related to cases reach the top management when things get burst out and they cannot be prevented and cured. A legal case is in a general sense….

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Library Management: It acts like a centralized library for all users where users can upload, edit, and view the documents. It is also called as an e-filing feature that facilitates as repository of legal documents/ Contracts.

Document Management: It facilitates document management as documents can be stored case wise which are accessible only to those who are in charge of those cases through their logins. This enables distinguished access to centralize documents & specific documents.


Expense Management

Alerts & Notification


Contact Management